So you want to save the planet?

Suing to Save the Planet
There has a been a trend of school children exploited by their activist teachers into suing or striking for climate change attention (attention in general, if we are honest). This is (1) VERY, VERY bad for science and education in general and (2)very bad for the students and teachers who just look foolish and attention starved. It gives the appearance of being desperate and naive. The students look like little puppets, with their strings being pulled by the puppet-master. It all shrieks of INDOCTRINATION, NOT EDUCATION. This is meant to be very blunt. If one cares at all about science and the future, one must call out the charlatans and these ARE some of the biggest charlatans out there, using children as their tools for political gain.
However, IF you really want to save the planet and think CO2 is a problem, here is how you do it:

1. Demand your school keep all classrooms at 55°F during the winter and 85°F in the summer (if your school has heating and air conditioning). Assuming the school has not covered all the windows in a vain attempt to "save energy", demand the lights be turned off in the classrooms. If you must use lights, demand LED ONLY.
2. Demand NO computers, cell phones or other electronic devices. These are energy hogs and cause a great deal of petroleum fuels to be utilized. They must be abandoned. A chalkboard and chalk were fine in the old days and they will be fine now. Notes can be taken on recycled paper or scrap paper the students bring from home. This worked for centuries, so why change it?
3. All buses will only pick up students that live over one mile from the school. All others will walk or bicycle. Students living over one mile from the school can get extra credit for bicycling and not taking the bus. NO students may drive to school individually. They MUST carpool, take the bus, or they can be expelled. Parking lots will be covered with greenhouses for growing fresh vegetables. Teachers must also carpool or be fired. Students and teachers must attend/work at the school closest to their home to cut down on transportation usage. 
4. Students must wear a cotton uniform made in an eco-friendly fashion, preferably in their own country to cut or eliminate shipping of goods. Nothing but a uniform is acceptable and any student not wearing one will be sent home (if they rode the bus, they can sit in the gym and read a book until the bus takes them home).  Repeat violations should have the student expelled for failure to care about their planet and future.
5. NO hot lunches. All lunches will be cold and students will get extra credit for bringing lunches from home. School lunch programs that provide free lunches will provide only cold lunches. If students fail to eat said lunches, they will be instructed to bring their own lunch from home. FOOD WASTE IS UNACCEPTABLE. Monitors will keep track of those wasting food.
6. Your homes will be kept at 55°F or 85°F in the summer, just like the schools. Demand your parents do this. If they won't, you can claim they don't care about your future. 
7. Anyone whose parent works for oil or gas, etc, gets extra credit if they can get their parent to change to an "eco-friendly" job. 
8. Make sure your school and homes recycle everything. Lunch rooms must use paper cups, not styrofoam, if they serve drinks. Plastics, aluminum, etc must all be recycled. 
9. Insist your parents plant gardens, abandoning their pesticide-laden lawns in favor of producing more food for the planet with no transportation costs. Protest loudly if your parents or siblings drive anywhere they could have walked (anything under one mile away). Protest if your parents or siblings make purchases of new clothing or shoes when they do not really need them. Constantly point out that Used is Better. 
10. If your parent flies somewhere when a teleconference could have sufficed, wail and moan that your future is being destroyed by their actions. Better yet, make sure only one parent works, that you live in a tiny house and have few possessions. No electronics to speak of, of course. 
11. You should learn, along with your parents, how to preserve food by canning. Do not use a freezer because of the electricity usage. For meats, you can make jerky or can the meat. People did this for decades, you can too. Make your meals at home.  Eating out is very unfriendly to the environment. 

These are a start. IF you REALLY ARE SERIOUS, we'll see you start doing these "planet-saving" things and stop with the silly, useless, insincere lawsuits. IF we do NOT see you do this, we will assume you're just parroting what your teachers told you and trying to get attention. IF you don't care enough to get off your duffs and save the planet that you are going to be living on, we certainly don't. There is no reason we should. Your lack of action shows us that it is obvious that climate change is all a madeup money grabbing scheme and there's nothing to worry about. Ball's in your court, children.

(Note:  There will be unintended consequences to everyone of these changes.  Carefully consider whether saving the planet will in fact destroy humanity.)

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