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Greta Thunberg had been making quite a splash, scowling at adults and politicians and claiming they "stole her childhood".  There are many problems with Greta, but for now, I am going to link to a site with a video from another teen who is not being crowned queen of the world like Greta and never will be because she doesn't shout the "proper climate attitude".  Yet, she makes very compelling points about the hysteria that IS destroying childhoods, through fear and terror of having no future.  The link goes to a "skeptic site" and can also be accessed on YouTube.  It's definitely worth listening to as the speaker makes excellent points.  She is reading from notes and doing this in front of her PC, not the latest climate conference.  


If you want to comment, that is great.  However, remember that comments are limited to addressing the science and attacks on the speaker or their presentation will not be approved.  If you disagree, state what you disagree with and why, in detail.  Thank you for adhering to this rule.

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