Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015
We again enter the "celebration" of Earth Day, though celebration sometimes seems the wrong word, since most of the predictions are doom and gloom.  Earth Day has become a way to make people feel guilty about actually living well on the planet.  It seems people should not be enjoying their life on this remarkable planet because somehow we "hurt" the earth by doing so.
For Earth Day 2015, give thanks for a planet that has enough resources to support billions of human beings, along with many other animals and living creatures.  Some species come and go, but that is how it has always been.  We are living in a dynamic system that changes over and over as we and the rest of the planet adapt to those changes.
Don't buy into the idea that there is more extreme weather or that things are changing faster than ever before.  Some people push this as science, but the truth is, most "extreme" weather events are actually decreasing.  You hear tornado warnings, etc, all summer long on the news.  Just as I did as child growing up in the Midwest.  Some summers we spent a lot of time in the basement due to tornado warnings.  It's just a part of life.  It's not new, it's not worse, it's as it always has been.  People have developed early warnings for these tornados, cutting deaths and injuries to incredible lows.  We should celebrate that our weather radar can help us stay safe from what nature has always sent our way.
The Earth is just fine.  Humans have their share of problems, but climate change is not among the serious problems facing mankind.  No matter what our leaders may be saying.   Humans can deal with climate changes very well.  The changes are not threats.  They are just reality--the way the world has always been.  

Celebrate Earth Day and the beautiful planet we live on and look for the wonders of the planet.  

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