Snow is not a thing of the past

David Viner (a climate scientist), in 2009, said children aren't going to know what snow is. Fortunately, this has not proven to be true. There is plenty of snow all over the planet. Buffalo, New York (USA) got 8 feet (2.4 meters) of snow. The East Coast of the US has been buried by snow this year, plus very cold temperatures.

Many places have seen snow that have not seen snow in many, many years:
In August 2014, Scotland was expecting snow. The temperature was dipping near freezing. The last time it what this cold was 1919.
In August of the same year, Peru was buried under snow. The Atacama Desert in Chile saw the most snowfall the area had seen in three decades.
In December 2013, there was snow in Cairo, where they had not had snow in over 100 years.

Shovel ready!

No picnicing for a bit

Shovel ready too!

Fun in the snow!

What does this mean? It tells us that gloom and doom predictions can certainly be wrong. Our planet has a very complex climate and it's unlikely we humans have discovered the way climate works or how to control it. We may believe we have, some may say they understand, but then their predictions don't come true. Weather and climate are still wonderfully unpredictable parts of nature. If you're lucky enough to live where there is snow right now, make a snowman, go sledding--just enjoy!

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