Enjoying the weather and the climate

It has been an unusual year so far in the United States. It has been 80F/27C degrees (average this time of year is 64F/18C) on the West coast and snowing like mad on the East coast. Season openers for baseball games have been postponed due to snow on the field. People are asking "When will winter be over?" In Wyoming, this is a typical spring occurrence--barbecuing in 60F degree weather and then 12 inches of snow the next day. The rest of the United States is not as well adapted, it seems. Wyoming also has very strong winds--70 mph gusts with 35 mph sustained winds much of the time. The East coast is experiencing these this year and the news is making a huge deal out of it.

Why am I telling you about this? Often there are scary news articles about global warming and what "may" happen. People have already adapted to many different climates. As I noted, high wind and rapid temperature changes are common in some places and people adapt. There are people living in very cold areas , very hot areas and everything in between. Humans are extremely adaptable, in spite of the news people trying to convince people disaster awaits humanity.

Hot and dry climate

Wind, wind everywhere!

Palm trees and warm climate

Is the world warming up? In some places, yes. Others, no. Has this happened before? Yes, and before humans even existed. Sometimes much faster than now. Can humans adapt? All the evidence says they can. Claims that disasters "may" happen aren't scientific, they're more political or wild guesses. For some reason, politicians and others seem to like making people afraid. Maybe so they can "save" us from disasters, which is what they are saying they are doing with global warming. 

Are they trying to save us? Not one can tell what will happen in the future-- not a scientist, not a psychic, not a politician. There is no way to know what the world will be like in say 2100 or even 2050. New ideas and new technologies will come into play as has been true through all of history. People are very clever and adaptable.

How should we be dealing with Earth's various climates (remember, climate applies to small areas, not the globe. The overall average temperatures of hundreds of different areas is what a has been increasing. It is not a "real" temperature, but rather a statistical calculation)? The same way we always have, by building homes that can withstand the weather, improving heating and cooling, improving food production. This is what people did after the Little Ice age destroyed so much of their crops. Today, countries grow a variety of crops to protect against loss of an entire food source due to weather/climate changes. It's a proven way to deal with an unknown future.

People are very, very adaptable and can handle any changes in the climate if they so chose. The climate is not something to fear, but rather to live with and enjoy.  

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